Overcoming Complications

Complications arise in all aspects of production. I pride myself on achieving the finished product I envisioned no matter how many obstacles I have to conquer. Thinking outside the box is how I manage to create what want.

2022 Motion Graphics & 2D Animation Portfolio

A lot of the scenes in my Portfolio were built in After Effects. There were a few situations I struggled to figure out how to reach the desired look. Here are a few examples of when my problem solving skills came into action!

Example 1

In the scene above I struggled to execute the ball bouncing on the words perfectly while using a 3D camera within After Effects. Originally I planned to simply keyframe the ball bounce to land on the words at the right time. Complications became clear when managing the colour change, ball bounce rhythm, and 3D aspect (The swing below the word Motion) all at the same time. The first problem I fixed was creating a path for the ball to follow and adding the ease in effect to create a more realistic bounce. To make the colour change immediately on the bounce, I duplicated each text layer and changed the colour and timing of the second text layer. The last problem that needed to be resolved was the drop shadow swing below the word ‘Motion’. When viewed through the camera the shadow was only half visible. To fix this issue I made all the layers 3D layers and moved the background solid further back to avoid cutting off the shadow.

Example 2

My first idea for how to create the opening sky illusion was to apply a mask and add a wave warp effect to reveal the layer below. Straight away I realised this was not creating the look I desired. The wave warp was too unpredictable and the mask wasn’t sitting how I wanted it too. To reach the product above I decided to make a Shape Layer with a rectangle and add the warp effect to that. I duplicated the Shape Layer and flipped it horizontally. By modifying the position, scale, rotation, and colour keyframes of the scene I managed to execute the scene perfectly.

Example 3

The main focus of this scene was creating a clean, creative transition into the following scene. I had a lot of fun making this scene and I am thrilled with the finished look. The complications came when scaling up the shooting star. As the star enters the scene it is very small as I wanted to focus to stay on the aliens. As it was a very quick transition I needed the star to be in the perfect position, at the perfect rotation that would cover the whole screen. After a few attempts of trial and error I finally managed to execute the scene by progressively zooming in in frames leading up to the transition. I worked backwards and key-framed the finishing frame with the star covering the screen first, before going back and making the star path smooth and natural.