About Me

I’m Kelly Turner and I am a self taught Motion Graphics Artist and 2D Animator located on the Northern Beaches in Sydney Australia. I studied 3D Animation at JMC Academy in Ultimo at the beginning of 2021 after receiving an early entry offer following my year 12 major work. After completing two trimesters at JMC Academy there was a discussion about the specific areas in the art of animation we would like to pursue. Based of the work I had done and what areas I felt the most suited too I decided to pursue 2D Animation and Motion Graphics. After conversations with lecturers it was clear I would not be able to reach my goals in the current course I was enrolled in. Unfortunately JMC didn’t offer what I needed and I made the decision to defer and teach myself the skills I needed to be a 2D Animator and Motion Graphics Designer. Since the day I left JMC I have been attending my part- time job during the day, and working on my animation for a minimum of 5 hours everyday after my shifts through tutorials and short online courses. I absolutely love what I do and I will be doing it for the rest of my life. I love creating a piece of art I can be proud of and sharing it with the world.