Personal Projects


I made this animation so that I could try out some new skills I have been learning over the past few weeks. Focusing on matching the animation with the music and using specific colours to emphasise emotions. I also wanted to try out the Joystick and Sliders plug in. I learnt how to use this plug in whilst I was working at Laundry Lane Productions and really wanted to use it for a personal project and get creative with it.

Music: Sabrina (Fred Again..)


My most recent project took me about 5 hours to complete from start to finish. When I feel inspired by anything in everyday life, I love to make something so random that makes me feel good. It’s so much fun making new animations while still in the learning process because it’s the time you actually realise you are improving.

Music: Hearts in the Pipes, Tony Castles (KAUF Remix)

Out of all my work I believe my project below is the one I am most proud of. I consistently worked on my Cactus Project for almost 2 months. My purpose for creating this piece was to showcase all the skills I have learnt throughout my recent course with The School Of Motion, and to really make sure I put just as much effort (if not more) into the design as I do into the animation. I hope you enjoy!


A quick Animation I made in Adobe After Effects !

Below we have another quick animation made in Adobe After Effects. My trippy geometric sequence that took about an hour to create!

A fun animation made in After Effects trying out 3D cameras.


Throughout 2021 is when I began to teach my self about everything I could about motion graphics and 2D animation. I obtained a strong understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite and general knowledge of Cinema 4D and Blender. Below is a short film I created to practice skills such as trim paths, frame by frame animation, 3D cameras, lighting techniques, key-lighting and the range of particle systems in After Effects.


I took Industrial Multimedia in high school in 2020. I completed a portfolio and practical that I managed to score 100/100 on. I then received a nomination for the Power House Art Museum Exhibition. I am extremely proud of this piece as it was my first real short film in animation and I was learning along the way.

2020 Major Work – SPELL