Personal Projects


Out of all my work I believe my newest project below is the one I am most proud of. I consistently worked on my Cactus Project for almost 2 months. My purpose for creating this piece was to showcase all the skills I have learnt throughout my recent course with The School Of Motion, and to really make sure I put just as much effort (if not more) into the design as I do into the animation. I hope you enjoy!


A quick Animation I made in Adobe After Effects !

Below we have another quick animation made in Adobe After Effects. My trippy geometric sequence that took about an hour to create!

A fun animation made in After Effects trying out 3D cameras.


Throughout 2021 is when I began to teach my self about everything I could about motion graphics and 2D animation. I obtained a strong understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite and general knowledge of Cinema 4D and Blender. Below is a short film I created to practice skills such as trim paths, frame by frame animation, 3D cameras, lighting techniques, key-lighting and the range of particle systems in After Effects.


I took Industrial Multimedia in high school in 2020. I completed a portfolio and practical that I managed to score 100/100 on. I then received a nomination for the Power House Art Museum Exhibition. I am extremely proud of this piece as it was my first real short film in animation and I was learning along the way.

2020 Major Work – SPELL